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91 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8YX   |    Open from 8am to 11pm (Mon-Thurs), 8am to 1am (Fri-Sat),12pm to 11pm (Sun)


Come & Taste Our Delicious Pizzas!

Pizza Menu

Margherita  £11

Classic simplicity with a rich tomato base and gooey cheese on our homemade dough. (Vegetarian)



Hawaiian  £12

A sweet and savoury blend of ham, pineapple, cheese, and tomato.



Flaming Hot  £13

Spicy delight with pepperoni, jalapeños, onions, cheese, and tomato.



Pepperoni  £13

Double-layered pepperoni with cheese and tomato for the ultimate meat lover.



Vault Hoisin Duck Special  £15

Exotic duck with hoisin sauce, leek, green onions, cucumber, and cheese for a unique flavour journey.

Build Your Own Pizza  £11

Customise your pizza starting with a cheese and tomato or BBQ Base, adding toppings for £1 each.



Topping Extras £1 Each



Bacon, Chicken, Ham, Pepperoni, Duck, Spicy Beef



Red Onions, Onions, Mixed Peppers, Pineapple, Jalapeños, Sweet Corn, Mushrooms, Drop Peppers, Black Olives.


Feel free to mix and match these toppings with our existing pizza options or include them in the "Your Own Vault Pizza" section for a truly customisable experience.



Garlic Bread Pizza  7

Cheesy Garlic Bread Pizza  8

Discover our exciting offers and daily specials!

91 Hutton Road, Shenfield, Brentwood, Essex CM15 8YX   |    Open from 12pm  to 1am (Mon-Thurs), 12pm to 2am (Fri-Sat), 12pm to 1.30am (Sun)

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